digitcoin.world (DIGIT)
Empowering Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing
(The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Solutions on Blockchain)
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Are you facing with difficulties working on traditional digital marketing?
The DIGIT Solutions from DIGIT COIN is the NEW EASY way helping you …
     – analyze and manage the customer interactions and data
     – strengthen customer long-term relationships
     – boost customer retention
     – improve customer experience
     – drive sales growth
     – maximize profit
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DIGIT Solutions (Portal Application) To enhance the mobility and flexibility of DIGIT Ecosystem, it is necessary to develop mobile application for mobile phones and smart devices that are compatible with DIGIT Smart Assets directly with user-friendly interface which is suitable for this digital era and most of the people’s lifestyle.

  • DIGIT Signature enhances high security and transparent payment with multisignature function on E-Wallet.
  • DIGIT Score feature provides the reliable voting on blockchain platform.
  • DIGIT Ads can increase the efficiency of digital advertising placement under the “middleman-free” environment and facilitates customers to get DIGIT Coin from viewing Ads.
  • DIGIT CSR helps to create the better world by donating 5% of transaction fee to charity.
  • DIGIT Space is a smart sharing economy system without middleman.
  • DIGIT Radar feature offers location-based services for searching the cryptocurrency paypoint locations, services, and promotional campaigns.
  • DIGIT CRM feature facilitates the merchant’s promotional campaign by secured coupon redemption and transferring points to customers.
  • DIGIT API feature offers the flexibility and adaptability to future application programming interface. and more…